A Guide To Portable AC For Spot Cooling

The portable air conditioners launched in the United States in 1984 for high ambient applications changed the way spaces, people, equipment and processes are cooled in the industrial settings. Cooling became more efficient for small areas and small level industrial applications. Portable AC designs were already tested in other countries for more than a decade. It led to developing the ANSI/ASHRAE 128 Standard, which is used to rate portable unitary spot ACs.

Commercial air conditioners are complying with this standard to help cool people, equipment, space and processes without generating excessive cooling temperature, airflow rate or air volume. It prevents many health issues. A variety of AC models under this category are available for small to medium level requirements. Smaller units can be used to cool one or a few persons. Larger HVAC units in the range of 3-5 tons can be used to cool a work or assembly area.

It is well known that health and safety standards at the workplace improve a lot when it remains cool and dry. It increases productivity, and the staff does not feel tired. For example, workers cleaning the storage tanks or vessels in an industrial setting do not need frequent exhaustion breaks when their work area remains cool.

These ACs improve the effectiveness of cooling. The plant or workplace areas can be cooled more efficiently. The portable air conditioners are available in 115V, 208-230V, and 460V models for industrial applications. These portable units have wheels so they can be moved easily from one place to another. The strong metal cabinetry, a refrigeration system, and the airflow nozzles that can be moved in the required direction are some of its features that make it perfect for industrial applications.

The cool environment at the workplace protects employees, equipment and processes from the damaging effects of a hot environment. These ACs can work even when the ambient temperature goes up to 115F. Its spot cooling feature is highly useful for industrial processes. It protects sensitive products like electronic chips, rubber items, glass parts, metal bars and plastic items. It can be used to cure products precisely by increasing or decreasing its flow rate. It also removes unwanted moisture. The controlled environment helps preserve the product’s shape and integrity. Deformity in products coming out of a process line can be avoided. It leads to increased productivity and more products can be manufactured.

Equipment and many other assets used in an industrial setting benefit from a cool and temperature-controlled environment. Their life increases and they operate more reliably. For example, portable air conditioners can keep cool electrical control panels during the summer months when heat can damage these items. Process control rooms, nuclear plant areas, and electric furnace operations at some places need spot cooling. A portable HVAC increases the reliability and life of numeric control machines.

128 Standard Compliant Design

Commercial AC units complying with this standard have been tested for cooling at 95F ambient temperature and 60% relative humidity at their evaporator coils and condenser. AC’s complying with this standard must have 270 CFM volume and 33 FPS air velocity to generate 19.8F delta-T cooling environment. The delta-T indicates the real temperature difference between an evaporator section’s airflow and the air released from the nozzles or grilles of the AC.

Using Spot Cooling ACs to Cool People

As one Plano air conditioning company told us, “Sometimes it is not only about the AC capacity but also about the airflow volume and the space temperature. Proper and effective cooling of people in industrial settings depends on several factors.” The temperature should be in the range of 85-113F. Humidity, air volume, temperature difference, the velocity of airflow and activity levels are some other factors that affect the cooling quality. For example, a person performing a high-level activity will need at least 260-290 CFM airflow with a velocity of 26-30 FPS at a temperature difference of 16-20F in an area that has 105F ambient temperature. Different standards and specifications are needed for places with lower activity levels and higher ambient temperatures.

Basic specifications help choose the right portable air conditioner for places with high work activity level and temperature. There are five basic levels to cover the activity levels and temperature going up to 113F with relative humidity up to 60%.

Process Spot Cooling

More and more industrial centers are now using portable air conditioners for process cooling because it is effective and economical. It is suitable for cooling areas with extrusion machines, injection molding, electronic products, edible items and vessels. The desired cooling is achieved for these applications using portable AC parameters and wind-chill physics.

Heat in objects is lost from inside out. The heat is removed faster from the top of the object if the core heat is transferred quickly from the center to the outside layers. It creates a faster flow rate, fewer rejects and lower costs. Focused airflow from portable spot coolers in the range of 270-1680 CFM and 13-20F supply temperature drop can be achieved. It works better than the industrial fans.

Equipment Spot Cooling

The spot cooling device selected for this purpose depends on the type of equipment that requires cooling. It can be a power panel, NC machine, switching control, testing device, control room component, or computer operating in a hostile or high ambient environment.

The interior temperature of equipment can be reduced to the desired level by focusing on low-temperature airflow precisely. The equipment cabinetry can be cooled faster by directing an AC’s airflow around it. Cool air can be passed through the air grilles of the cabinet.

Flanges can be attached to the outside panel of an equipment cabinet. The flanges are attached to the flexible duct of the portable AC with 270-1680 CFM airflow volume. For example, the airflow of a portable AC can be used to remove the excess heat of a transformer. The heat can be taken out through the cooling slits. The cooling rate can be increased by directing the cool air of the AC through the ducts.


Portable air conditioners are beneficial in cooling different levels of hot spots. These units are now used extensively for spot cooling the people, equipment and processes. Problem area should be evaluated properly to determine the right type, size and capacity of portable HVAC.

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Top 09 AC Brands Of 2020

SimsKids Plano HVAC company that specializes in commercial and residential applications, offering services in Plano. We provide you with the most accurate and reliable information to help you make the best decisions for your cooling and heating needs. We know how important it is that you find the right type of information about your HVAC system, so you enjoy complete and efficient cooling and heating.

Of course, you always want the best HVAC equipment for your home or business. If you are looking for a brand-specific guide, you have come to the right place. Very often, our clients want to know which AC brand is the best. After all, manufacturers build their reputation by providing excellent products. However, targeting the best brand is not that easy or simple. For example, you might be looking for the best AC for a specific budget range, or you might be looking for one that is just simply the best performer regardless of its price tag. Plus, you also have to take into consideration the novelty of the technology that comes with a specific model.

A better qualification would be to find the best air conditioner brands of 2020. In this article, we present to you the top AC brands that offer the best value to help you decide which HVAC unit is the perfect choice for your needs. Here’s our recommended list of the Top AC brands of 2020:

1. Goodman

Goodman is one of the most trusted manufacturers of HVAC systems. The renowned brand Amana is also their brand but is geared for the high-end market. What makes Goodman ACs great is that the components used for their high-end products are the same components used for their Goodman brand. As such, you are assured of high-quality ACs that can offer solid performance and reliability for many years.

2. Day & Night

Day & Night may not have the same name recognizability as other top brands, but they sure know how to compete in terms of their air conditioning products, which explains their No. 2 position in our list. Not only are their products reliable, but they also have top-notch customer service.

Day & Night AC is manufactured by United Technologies, the same manufacturer of brands such as Carrier, Payne, and Bryant. Day & Night ACs sports the same components, such as the Aspen coil used in more expensive brands. The make, reliability, and efficiency of their products are the exact same thing you can expect from some of the best brands around but with a lower price tag.

3. Bryant

Bryant offers excellent products that are reliable and high-performance units. They are sold at a slightly higher price range than Day & Night, but they remain affordable nevertheless. Their products are considered to be on the premium list, and you can do no wrong when you choose a Bryant.

4. Carrier

Carrier is one of the best brands out there, having built its name from years of superb HVAC products. The brand is known all over the world and has enjoyed the trust of many homeowners and commercial establishments. Carrier offers excellent value, which explains why it is considered as a gold standard in the HVAC industry. It is not the cheapest on the list, but if you want an air conditioning system that will remain reliable for many years, Carrier is a brand you can trust.

5. York

York has been making air conditioning systems for a while now, but they are not as popular as other brands. This is through no fault of their own, though. York has remained active, due mainly to the durability of their air conditioning systems. York offers a range of AC options that fit both residential and commercial purposes. They also have excellent customer service that will ensure that your after-sales concerns are covered. If you choose York, just make sure that your contractor has had experience installing the brand before. This will ensure that your AC unit is installed correctly and safely to minimize damage and inefficiency.

6. Amana

Amana has remained a reputable company because it has kept its quality standards high. They offer some of the most powerful air conditioning units with really great features and high SEER ratings. Admittedly, though, Amana ACs carry a rather high cost of installation, but the features and durability, along with their excellent warranties, are more than worth the expense. And yes, they do have very good customer service, so they do have you covered.

7. Trane

The brand name Trane may not be as familiar as its other name, Ingersoll-Rand, but it produces excellent air conditioning systems. Trane is one of those air conditioning brands that have kept themselves on Top 10 lists for ACs because they focus on manufacturing efficient and economical AC units. Trane air conditioners are also covered with a good manufacturer’s warranty. Their AC units are actually quite reliable and hold an average Energy Star rating of 17.33, which means you can rely on your Trane AC to give you excellent cooling comfort at a lower cost.

8. Rheem

Rheem has earned its recognition as one of the best air conditioning brands around, thanks to the integration of new technology to their systems. One such is the zig-zag design of their coils, which is different from the more commonly used A-frame configuration. The company has consistently put out high-quality air conditioners that are efficient and reliable, thanks to innovative technologies that keep the brand and its products as some of the strongest competitors in the industry. If you choose this established brand, you can’t go wrong.

9. Lennox

Lennox is one of those air conditioning brands that has carried on a legacy that made them a trusted company. Thanks to their ability to remain competitive by using new technology, Lennox has continued producing products that are preferred by homeowners and businesses because of their reliability and efficiency. The brand also offers excellent warranties that ensure your protection after your AC unit is installed. So you know that with Lennox, you enjoy cool, clean, conditioned air at a budget-friendly cost.

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Welcome To SimsKids Plano HVAC

Welcome to SimsKids Plano Air Conditioning! Are you looking for servicing your HVAC? If yes, you have come to the right place.

We are working on making your air conditioning feeling comfortable in any season. We are offering heating, cooling service for your office, home, and Industrial workplace in Plano.

Do you have any questions, any confusion? Do you want to get a free consultation or estimation to set up a new HVAC system in your home? Don’t be late to buzz us in the Contact Us Page.

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